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We offer European class of services in Bulgarian prices. Try with us!


...of our 2016 campaigns
we conducted on more
than three markets and languages simultaneously...

See how

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing
Front-end BPO solutions by B2B Trade Nets Ltd. in high efficiency agile teams with 10 languages support for all Europe....

Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications
If it's there, no matter online or offline the information You need - we'll dig it up....

B2B Trade Nets Ltd. - About us

B2B Trade Nets Ltd. - About us
We are company working in B2B, Marketing and outsourcing sector since 2009. We act as a BPO with pan EMEA coverage and our main focus is...


Sales Marketing

Sales Marketing
Front-end BPO solutions by B2B Trade Nets Ltd. by high efficiency agile teams with 10 languages support...

Customer Support Center

Customer Support Center
Our clients value & entrust their "customer care" service to us. We work in 10 languages with

IT Support Center

IT Support Center
To take care of Your clients' technical issues is a mission we take as our own...

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
Our sales tools help us to cover all channels, but our people - make it value!...

Marketing Research

Marketing Research
We marshal the market puzzle step by step, from the circumference of the possible to the...

Data Services

Data Services
We turn public data to universal DB, then the DB to an importable DB. That's our...

Geomarketing & Strategy

Geomarketing & Strategy
The Data cash its real value, when applied in correct location. Our marketing is always...

What make us worth it?

  • We offer favorable asymmetric approach budget : effect! 
  • We are agile, digital & crowdsourcing oriented!
  • We are multilingual company in the EU area!

How we see things...

  • Modern companies need multichanneling in communication  
  • Big scale approaches worth it when are pretested locally 
  • Success everywhere can be reach, only after ROI Geomarketing evaluation


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